How To Pick Earrings That Suits You

Nowadays we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing something that suits our personal style. We are here to give you simplified solutions on how to choose earrings to wear based on your personality and unique needs. The five most common types of earrings are: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, gold plated and silver.

Much like makeup, choosing earrings that go with your aura is an art in itself. Even though it may be tempting to bring home every piece of jewellery that you come across, it’s important to know which types compliment you. Besides going with your gut, the colour of your undertone is also something you should consider spending your money. Let’s first find your undertone!

have a cool skin undertone and if you can’t differentiate between the two, you’re likely to have a neutral skin undertone. Based on this, here are five choices that you have for your perfect earrings. 

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is an alloy of pure gold, silver and copper or zinc, which results in the yellowish hue that we commonly associate with gold jewelry. If you’re really sensitive towards metals such as nickel and find yourself prone to an allergic reaction when you come in contact with them, opting for an 18k gold jewellery piece would reduce your risk of reacting negatively as the ratio of gold to mixed metals would be higher. Those with warmer skin tones can opt for yellow gold earrings as it will bring out the glow in your face without making it look washed out.  Pro tip: It works particularly well with dainty retro looks!

White gold

White gold is an alloy of pure gold with a white metal — either nickel, silver or palladium. Because the alloy has a light grey colour with undertones of yellow, the ‘white’ of white gold actually comes from the rhodium plating, a white metal that’s in the platinum family. Beware though: the cool, silvery tones of white gold earrings that are complementary for people with cooler skin tones but might wash out a person with warm skin tones.

Rose gold

A very popular metal nowadays, rose gold is made with a combination of pure gold and reddish-brown copper metal, with a touch of silver. The higher the levels of copper would result in a deeper, darker rose hue.Because rose gold comes with a rosy-orange shade, it leans towards the warmer spectrum and would be better for people with warmer skin tones. However, earrings with this rich warm hue make it virtually flattering to every skin tone, as it brings out the blush tone of your face.. 

Gold plated

Gold plated refers to the jewellery being made of a base metal such as copper and brass, before a thin layer of gold is being plated through industrial means onto the base metal.

Depending on the color of the gold plating, your earrings will suit you based on yur undertones as detailed above.


Sterling silver is a go to for many people because it's versatile and lasts a lifetime. The silvery white hue of this material makes it a firm favourite amongst people with cool skin tones, and wearing earrings of this material will make you look more luminous. Silver earrings have been a go-to look for evening wear for decades because it has the ability to make diamonds and crystals glimmer like no other metal can.


Your earrings should make you feel special and significant in some way. The best choice of earrings is always chosen for its significance, whether it be from a lover or for a birthday or just as a present to yourself to mark a personal goal. Earrings are a great way to draw attention to your face, so picking the right kind is crucial. 

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