Tips to Care for Your Valuable Silver Jewellery

You’ve bought your silver- now what? How do you ensure your sterling silver lasts forever? With the right care and affection, ofcourse! Here are 4 tips to ensure you’re silver jewelry gleams throughout a lifetime. 

  1. Storage

If you leave your fancy jewelry out in the open, it gets dirty. You need appropriate storage for your stunning pieces. And, you need to be diligent about maintenance. 

Air exposure can wreak havoc by tarnishing your delicate silver. Don't just leave it lying on your nightstand or in an open jewelry chest. And, don't just leave it in your purse or drawer! 

It's best to store silver in individual, air-tight bags with anti-tarnish properties. These types of bags keep air exposure out and keep the shininess and brilliance intact.

Unclasp and unhook the jewelry to avoid potential scratching. Do NOT bunch several pieces in the same bag to save time or space. This can create tangling, scratching, tarnish, and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid here! 

For additional preventative efforts, silica gel packets provide anti-tarnish protection. Throw one in each bag for extra care. 

Finally, if you are traveling with your jewelry (because we know you want to look glamorous when in paradise), be sure to use a special case for protection! The last issue you want to deal with on vacation is scratched-up jewelry, right? 

  1. When to take it off

Yes, we know how much you love your gorgeous ring or bracelet. And, we know it can be hard to take those babies on and off again. But, it's critical, and here's why.

Strong chemicals, sulfur, sweat and perspiration, chlorine, and harsh sunlight can tarnish and corrode the brilliant shine you love in your silver.

Don't take your chances. Preventative care is significantly easier than dealing with damaged jewelry! 

It is optimal to remove jewelry during the following times: 

  • Household chores, such as dishes, laundry, and when using cleaning supplies

  • When exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports

  • When showering or bathing 

  • Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas

  • Very hot places (such as when lying out at the beach or pool)

  • When getting ready (i.e: putting on lotion, makeup, hair products)

  • Preparing, cooking, or eating foods that contain sulfur (this includes eggs and mayonnaise). 

  • Outside chores or tasks, such as gardening 

  1. Polishing your Jewelry

Silver polishing cloths are quite inexpensive and last a long time. The cloth is appropriate for cleaning and polishing silver jewelry that is mild to moderately dirty.

Soiled silver jewelry looks dull and tarnishes over time. Rubbing the jewelry gently with the silver polishing cloth allows you to clean it without scratching the metal.

If your silver jewelry is heavily soiled or tarnished, you can use aluminum foil and to rid it of the dark spots. Simply place a square of aluminum foil in the bottom of a heavy bowl.

You can also schedule a silver jewelry cleaning appointment at your local jewelry store. 

  1. Avoiding Tarnish

There are a few other things you may try when looking for ways to prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing.

  • Store jewelry with chalk: If you throw a few pieces of chalk in with your sterling silver, the chalk will absorb the moisture and help prevent tarnishing.

  • Use silica packs: When you buy new clothing or shoes, sometimes you’ll find silica packs in with them. Hold onto these and toss them in your jewelry box. They’re great for absorbing moisture!

  • Anti-tarnish cloths: Lining your jewelry box with anti-tarnish cloths is a great idea. These cloths absorb sulfur and moisture from the air and are usually chemically treated to prevent tarnish.

Remember, keeping your sterling silver clean comes down to maintaining a balance of regular at-home care and professional cleaning appointments. We suggest an annual cleaning by professionals for all jewelry.

Remember, prevention is better than cure! If you see tarnish beginning to form, be sure to clean it immediately. Follow our tips for a hassle free ownership of jewelry that lasts forever!

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