Silver RIngs- Your Best Choice 

Still not convinced about buying silver rings despite our guide on how to buy one? Don’t fret, our blog today is sure to wash away all of your second thoughts while we convince you silver rings are the best option!

While most people prefer rings that are crafted from yellow gold or platinum, silver rings are gaining immense popularity for their intricacy, delicate craftsmanship, and affordability. Before purchasing a silver ring, however, it is important to know how the metal compares to other options, and what special steps must be taken to keep it looking its best.

In general, silver rings are less expensive than their gold counterparts. Silver jewelry, however, is not priced solely based on the metal, but also on the intricacy of the piece and the labor required to produce it. Because of this, a very elaborate silver ring may have a higher price tag than a simple gold design.

Sterling silver’s white-gray color and cheaper price tag make it a great option on its own or to complement gemstones. It’s not as hard as gold or platinum, but definitely has a charm of its own.. It is a wise choice for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings too!

Silver is more prone to tarnish, which can turn the metal black. To remove the tarnish and make silver look new, simply apply a specialized silver jewelry cleaner, which is available at most department stores. You can even make a silver jewelry cleaner at your home. 

There are several reasons why people still prefer buying silver rings, though. A person’s taste is one of the main considerations: if they prefer white jewelry that matches everything in her wardrobe, silver is a beautiful option. As for the ring itself, both design and cost factor into the choice of a ring.

Because silver is very soft and malleable, it is often used for fine detail work that requires elaborate shapes, such as filigrees, knots, or molds. The most intricate Celtic engagement rings are often made of silver because it can be easily shaped. Even many gold rings use silver embellishments for unique design elements, creating a two-toned ring with a great deal of visual interest.

Sterling silver rings are elegant. The shine that they give is superb to look at. Men, who choose silver rings, do so because they need something that blends in easily and looks great all the time. Styling silver is easy, and it blends with other accessories such as your watch and necklace.

Irrespective of what you choose, shopping for jewelry should be a fun exercise. Keep in mind though, whatever aesthetically appeals to the jewelry wearer is where you should spend your money. Because what good is having a shiny trinket if you never even get to wear it?

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