Our Privacy Policy

We ensure your safety and privacy while shopping online with us. Therefore, we have our Privacy Policy that we strictly follow and request you to follow. As per our Privacy Policy,we may ask you to provide some information about you but we never disclose or share your personal information with any third party.

Collecting Information

We may collect some personal information about you, such as your name, email address, mailing address, payment details etc. This information is required to complete an order at www.thevictorianjewels.com. We want to inform you that you can feel fully secure while providing these details. Your personal details remain protected with us and we never, under any circumstances, share them with any third party person and/or company.

How do we protect your details?

We collect, use and store your information only for fulfilling your order or providing you legal services. The information provided by you is stored on our highly secure servers and do not feature online. By accessing our website(www.thevictorianjewels.com), you agree and consent to information being provided by you being used to fulfil order requirements. We collect your information through our SSL services in encrypted form. Therefore, we ensure your information is protected from unauthorized access.

In short, we respect the privacy of our customer and never compromise at any cost. We collect and store your information on a need basis, that is, to complete an order or provide you with a better browsing experience.


How we process your personal data?

All our activities are based on stringent ethical principles and legal requirements ,and we are  committed to protect the privacy of all consumers and visitors to our websites. For this reason, the way in which we collect and store information, including personal data, is dependent on how our website and related services are used, We do not collect any sensitive personal data about you.